……altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement… generosity to other socially useful purposes.

Erica A. Murray is known to embrace causes that impact the masses! Currently, she is focused on enlightening the community, more specifically women, about the HIV/AIDS epidemic and how it is silently infiltrating their lives. Awareness of this cause cannot only save lives, but protect our nation from perhaps becoming extinct. The statistics are startling!

Join with Erica as she invest in the community by becoming a part of the "One Million Strong" campaign! The goal is to get a minimum of one million people to join the cause by texting the phrase, "onemillionstrong" to 82257. There will not be any fees assessed to your telephone outside of the standard text messaging fees by your mobile provider. Additionally, you can scan the QR reader below!
Thank you for joining with Erica A. Murray to impact, empower, and educate our community about this epidemic!